Sunday, July 8, 2018


By IOTransfer  (Shareware)


IOTransfer 2 is a lightweight, but muscular iOS switch yet administration tool, who helps iOS customers boss their content material freely, either regarding a PC and an iOS device. It is designed because of more than a few iOS units which include iPhones, iPads than iPods. With IOTransfer 2 you have an easy path in conformity with transfer statistics between your gadget and a Windows PC.

The new then up to date IOTransfer gives the easiest course in imitation of switch quintessential iOS information and brings half new purposes certain as Smart iOS Cleaner and Video Downloader.
With IOTransfer 2 thou have an easy yet handy pathway in conformity with unhesitatingly arrival or export music, videos, photos, podcasts, books, then ring memos within thy iOS devices and your PC. It's a really beneficial tool so execute assist after quit ye going for walks abroad over area concerning your gadget then assist between keeping thine present-day statistics backed up.

IOTransfer 2 comes together with a Smart iOS Cleaner device so be able to stay ancient to scan or luminous the iOS rule about a normal basis, or method in accordance with keep devices going for walks fast. By walking the pure characteristic in IOTransfer 2 you can excerpt useless facts within method according to free over extra precious space.

It is important in accordance with transfer yet backup thy records concerning a normal foundation due to the fact accidents do happen and people tend in imitation of relying upstairs on their cell gadgets greater or more. The danger of dropping the whole lot of your iOS device or realizing so ye hold not ever backed something up to be able to be gut-wrenching. Thankfully, between collection to transfer your music, images or videos, IOTransfer 2 is additionally an on hand tool in imitation of switch apps, books, ring memos yet sordid files from your iOS gadget after your PC safely.

Key Features include:
  • Online Video Downloader.
  • Transfer or backup thine essential data.
  • Save your video and movies.
  • Transfer pix of iPhone yet PC.
  • IOTransfer deletes iOS pictures safely.
  • Manage iPhone images on IOTransfer 2.
  • 1-click upload iPhone music.
  • Manage iPhone apps of IOTransfer 2.
  • Manage iBooks.
  • Transferring memos.
  • Manage iPhone videos.
  • Advanced Phone Clean.

A stand abroad function on IOTransfer 2 is the Video Downloader tool. This approves ye in conformity with the download online movies from famous video sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram etc. Not only can thou download them, however, ye can save to them according to your PC, or at once in imitation of your iOS device, then every among the superior supported resolution.
IOTransfer offers ye a handy and quickly iPhone photo transfer or administration solution. All thy snapshots of you albums perform stand exported according to your PC yet stored as backups. You perform additionally inhalant someone photos you necessity out of thy PC to your iOS device so well.

IOTransfer AirTrans permits thou in imitation of wirelessly transfer music, photos, videos and etc. within iPhone, iPad then laptop via WiFi. Simply put videos according to mean audio then video codecs kind of MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more.

Overall, IOTransfer 2 is a tremendous iTunes choice that of much respects, is easy to manage yet now not as troublesome in conformity with makes use of as much Apple's alternative. The interface is simple in conformity with uses yet easy in imitation of navigate and the app has a fantastically short footprint.

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